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2 maj 2022

Welcome to the power electronic workshop – SCAPE 2022 in Stockholm May 16-17.

EK Power Solutions hereby invite you to an international workshop on power electronics and Wide Band Gap technology (WBG). The two day workshop focus on the latest developments in WBG-devices, power modules, packaging technologies, power electronics applications of SiC and GaN devices, and power modules. WBG-technologies offer enormous opportunities for improved energy efficiency. 

Organizers are RISE, WBG Power Center, Yole Développement and the Swedish Energy Agency.

You can participate on-site or on-line.

EK Power Solutions are an active part in the center and promote the use of WBG-technologies. We know by own design experience, that WBG-technology dramatically can increase efficiencies and minimize losses in power electronics. Take the opportunities to listen to some of the experts in the field.  

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