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2 juni 2020

We take your power electronics to the next level

This is a short update on how we are doing at EK Power Solutions. 

During the last years we have become the leading development house for power electronics, motor drives and embedded software. The interest for our design and delivery services has increased over the last years as the electrification trend continues. In recent years we have done projects and assignments to more than 100 different companies. As part of our ”go Europe” strategy we have got several customers outside Sweden. Examples of recent developments are 4 kW 3-phase inverter, 2,5 kW single phase motor drive, 3 kW battery driven motor drive, 6 kW battery management system as well as several pre-studies for products ranging from 1 to 50 kW.

In total we are now 22 engineers with average experience of 20 years. We not only design hardware and software but also complete products. A big advantage working with us is that our engineers constantly are developing new products, keeping the technology level at top-notch. We have several years experience using SiC and GaN technologies, enabling the products to reach high efficiency levels. Our 300 sqm lab with EMC chamber and an electric motor lab is part of our strength.

Typical assignments we do are:

  • Pre-study or concept development
  • Design specifications
  • Hardware, software and mechanical development
  • PCB layout design (also as separate service in OrCAD, Altium or CADint)
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Complete verification 
  • Certification and approval testing
  • Delivery of serial units
  • Product support

We also do assignments for companies having technical problems or the product does not comply to EMC-requirements. Our engineers have expert knowledge to find the root cause, propose a working solution and perform pre-compliance EMC-tests in our lab.

The first half year will close with a turnover at all-time-high. Our plan is to continue to grow the company further. We are therefore constantly looking for new assignments. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a power supply, power electronics, motor drives, battery charging or a PCB-layout.

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