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Thank you for your answer

We appreciate your feedback and would do our best to improve and continue the work to our customers satisfaction.

Year 2020 has in many respects been a challenging and special year. The corona virus has had major impact on our societies and many businesses. It has also challenged the leadership and the way we conduct our work.

Since much of our work is related to tests in our lab, engineers performing such activities have and will continue to work in our office. This to make sure we deliver on the project activities. The rest of us mainly work from home and will continue to do so until the corona situation is under control or everyone have been vaccinated.

In terms of business year 2020 has been a fantastic year. We have worked with 43 different customers of which 9 are brand new. The turnover has increased with more than 30 % and for the first time passed 40 MSEK.

During the autumn, we have also strengthen our leadership team with two experienced managers, Jörgen Ersten and Pernilla Cederqvist.

In November we released a new component database for our PCB design tools, OrCAD and Altium Designer.

The database makes our PCB-layout work much easier and secures the quality of the manufacturing documentation.

Once again, thank you for answering the survey. If you have any suggestion regarding how we can improve or how we should develop our business please let me know.

Take care and stay safe!


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