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8 mars 2022

Our efforts 2021 towards a sustainable future

We have now summarized 2021 and how our projects and assignments contributes to UN:s sustainable development goals – the Agenda 2030.

In 2021 we did assignments to 38 different customers – 11 of them new.
68 percent of our revenue can be associated with the Agenda 2030 goals.

Examples of projects:

  • Motor drives with re-generative mode, feeding the breaking energy back to mains.
  • High efficient motor drives used in application for wast reduction and recycling.
  • Power systems for ocean water treatment to protect our eco-systems.
  • Maintenance of railway applications to secure sustainable transports.
  • Several projects and assignments related to clean energy, energy storage and distribution.
  • Systems for distributing pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
  • High efficient power electronics for sustainable industry processes.

For further information please contact Vidar Wernöe, CEO

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