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28 maj 2020

Offer: Free component availability analysis as part of PCB-layout!

Planning to do a PCB-layout?
Do you know the life cycle of each component in your electronic design?
The fact that electronics designers design with components that are close to being phased out (Not Recommended for New Design, NRND) or even no longer manufactured (obsolete) is not unusual. This because components are selected from those proven to be good by experience in previous designs or which are, for example, selectable in internal component databases, often without knowledge of where in the life cycle the component is located.

EK Power Solutions are experts in design of PCB-layouts. We are experts in EMC and how PCB-layouts need to be designed to comply with both electrical safety and EMC requirements. Read more about our layout service here.

To avoid component problems, unnecessary PCB-layout turns and a delayed product introduction we offer now a free component analysis of your BOM in connection with a PCB-layout.

Read more about our component life cycle analysis here.

Just ask us when you place the order that you want us to do the analysis and we provid it fre of charge.

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