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16 oktober 2020

We are growing +20% and have recruited some great engineers and managers

In these special corona times, we would like to give you an update on how things are at EK Power Solutions. Since last update in June a lot has happened:

So far in 2020 we have grown the business by more than 20%. We will end this year at an all-time-high. In terms of customers we have been doing assignments to about 40 so far this year.

As part of our growth strategy we have recruited some great experts to join our team. 

Jörgen Ersten new head of our PCB-layout team

We are pleased to announce that Jörgen Ersten has been hired as head of our PCB layout team. He will also work as a project manager for our development projects.

Jörgen has extensive experience from electronics development projects and production both as project and department manager. In total, he has worked for 20 years at Ericsson leading teams in both hardware and software. He has also been responsible for the industrialization of printed circuit boards and has worked for a long time with production related questions. He also has extensive experience from development and change management. Jörgen has a master’s degree in Physics from Umeå University and will start his employment on October 19.

Jörgen replaces Marcus Rudberg who leaves us on December 1st. Marcus has made great efforts to further develop our internal processes and the responsibility for the introduction of new CAD tools such as Altium Designer and OrCAD. We would like to express our gratitude for his effort.

“We are incredibly happy about the recruitment of Jörgen. He has extensive experience of leading product development teams with the demands placed on quality and delivery. At the same time, we are in the middle of a growth journey where Jörgen’s experience from R&D and organizational development fits in very well. With Jörgen’s great passion for developing people and organizations, he fits in very well with our team.”
Vidar Wernöe, CEO

“It is with both joy and humility that I now take over the baton from Marcus Rudberg to be responsible for EK Power Solutions’ very talented printed circuit board designers. EK Power Solutions is in an expansive phase and I therefore think it will be very exciting to be able to contribute to the company’s continued development together with all competent colleagues. EK Power Solutions has a long list of successful projects and satisfied customers, and I look forward to a continued developing dialogue with our customers.”
Jörgen Ersten

Pernilla Cederqvist new Project Manager

Pernilla has a solid background from advanced product development and comes from Saab where she has worked with military equipment for air surveillance applications. Besides her experience from project management she has held positions as Department Manager, Configuration Manager as well as being a software developer.
Pernilla starts in December. 

Pari Ibrahim and Georgios Apostolou new power electronics experts

We have recently also recruited two power electronic designers. Pari and Georgios has been working with power electronics at Megger. Pari holds a bachelor’s degree in power and machines from Salahaddin University. She has a long track record from Ericsson, Emerson Energy Systems and Siemens. Georgios holds two master’s degrees in power electronics and motor drives from KTH in Stockholm and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

Georgios starts in October and Pari in December. We are extremely happy to get these great engineers and project managers into our team om experts. 

In total we are now more than 25 engineers with an average experience of 20 years. We not only design hardware and software but also complete products. A big advantage working with us is that our engineers constantly are developing new products, keeping the technology level top-notch. We have several years experience using SiC and GaN technologies, enabling the products to reach high efficiency levels. Our 300 sqm lab with EMC chamber and an electric motor lab is part of our strength.

Further recruitment

As part of our growth strategy we are looking to recruit experienced embedded engineers that have a great passion for software design. More info can be found on our homepage

Our engineering spirit

The core of our business consists of our engineering spirit. For us, engineering spirit means that we are passionate about our job, that we create value for our customers and that we always deliver products that we feel proud of. Over the years, it has made us the Nordic region’s leading design house of power electronics and PCB layouts.

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