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4 mars 2021

Invitation to power electronics seminar March 10, 2021

Power electronic devices incorporating Wide Band Gap (WBG) technologies are maturing rapidly and offer enormous opportunities for improved energy efficiency.
The Swedish WBG Power Center arrange an open seminar to address the technologies. EK Power Solutions are an active part in the center and promote the use of the WBG-technologies. We know by own design experience, that the WBG-technology dramatically can increase efficiencies and minimize losses in power electronics.

The Swedish Energy Agency has been active part in starting up the
Power Electronic Conversion Technology Annex (PECTA).
PECTA is an initiative within the IEA 4E TCP (Technology Collaboration Program of Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment) and was launched in March 2019. The overall goal of PECTA includes collecting and analysing information about new wide band gap (WBG) based power electronic devices, coordinating internationally acceptable approaches that promote WBG-based power electronics. Further information visit

Take the opportunities to listen to some of the best Swedish experts in the field.


Welcome Per RanstadWBG Power Center
WBG, a new era Hans-Peter Nee KTH
This is PECTA Peter Bennich Swedish Energy Agency
Wide Bandgap Gap Technologies: 
Efficiency, Potential and
Application Readiness Map
Peder Bergmann  LiTH
DiscussionCarl-Mikael Zetterling KTH
Summary Per Ranstad WBG Power Center

Date/time: March 10, 2021 @ 10:00 – 11:30 CET
Place: Digital only. You obtain the link after registration
Registration: Mail with name and company

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