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ECO-Design, REACH and RoHS

EK Power Solutions can help you to comply with the environmental legislations on your products and in your company. We also make sure that your product has a minimal environmental impact.

Green product development, also referred to as ecodesign, is about creating products that provide maximum utility with minimal environmental impact. When developing a new product, the most important issue to consider is what function the product is to have. Once the function has been defined, the challenge faced by the product developer is to provide this functionality with minimum detriment to the environment and at the lowest possible cost. Environmental performance is not a stand-alone feature, but should be seen as one feature among many. Environmental performance requirements should be included along with other requirements in the technical requirements specification.

The EU has legislated environmental requirements that apply to electronics. These requirements are laid down in the RoHS, WEEE, ERP and REACH directives. The aim has been to reduce the hazardous substance content in newly-developed electronics (RoHS and REACH), and to create systems for the collection and recycling of electronic waste (WEEE). The Ecodesign Directive (ERP) and the Energy Labelling Directive are important tools in the EU’s efforts to achieve a 20 percent reduction in energy use by 2020. The work related to these directives is not only critical to energy efforts, it is also an important factor in the EU’s climate and environmental efforts.

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