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We solve your EMC-problems

EK Power Solutions provide support to customers with acute EMC problems or for those who want help with Design-for-Compliance from the start. The service focuses on two areas:

I need help with my EMC problem now!

If you have an acute EMC problem and cannot meet the EMC product requirements, you can get help from us. EK Power Solutions has expert knowledge in EMC and how to design to meet both electrical safety and EMC requirements. Our dedicated and knowledgeable EMC experts help you with concrete suggestions and measures to pass the certification.

I want support in my Design-for-Compliance work!

A large part of all products does not meet the EMC requirements when the tests are performed at an independent test lab. The result is that you must retest for compliance with increased costs and delays in the product launch as a result. By designing the product with the right EMC characteristics from the start, you get a better product that can be launched on time.

We know that if you include the EMC problem right from the beginning in the development work, you greatly increase the chances that the product can meet both electrical safety and EMC requirements at the first tests. EK Power Solutions can provide support in the various phases of the development project to the extent required to meet the requirements.

Please contact us for a free quote and some good advice.

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