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KraftDoktorn™ (PowerDoctor)

A free advisory service for electronics and PCB layout applications.

If your power electronics are not working as intended, if your product does not meet EMC requirements, or if you need the advice of an expert in analogue electronics, it’s time to contact KraftDoktorn™.

Over the years, we have seen many companies grapple with problems related to the design of analogue parts in their products. It can be anything from the power supply (AC/DC or DC/DC), small local DC/DC converters, drive electronics for motors or other power and analogue electronics. In many cases, a digital design engineer will have been given the task of designing the power circuitry. The problems often come down to a combination of inadequate expertise in power electronics and poor PCB layout. The wires are thin and the layout has large ground loops. We have seen the result over and over again. Poorly thought-out designs that are unstable or do not meet EMC requirements. In the worst-case scenario, the product has had intrinsic faults with a high failure rate as a result.

Typical problem areas where KraftDoktorn™ can be of assistance:

  • Failure analysis
  • EMC problems
  • Review of PCB layouts
  • Design for manufacturing review (DFM)
  • Analogue design consultation

In practical terms, what you do is describe the problem and set up an appointment. It is very helpful to us if we are able to read through the technical documentation prior to the consultation. Together with the customer, one of our experts will go through a series of proposed remedies and recommendations as to how to proceed. If necessary, it is also possible to perform measurements at our well-equipped lab. The free consultation takes place at EK Power Solutions premises in Stockholm.

The fact that the consultation is free means that design engineers at big companies can get help without first having to get the green light from the purchasing department. We want it to be easy to get in touch with KraftDoktorn™. Contact KraftDoktorn™ via e-mail: or by calling us on + 46 8-4465600.

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