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We carry out between 60 and 100 assignments per year. Our clients include some of the world’s most technology-intensive companies. They work in the automation, power generation, telecommunications, medical technology, train and railway, automotive, marine, defense and petroleum sectors. You can read about some of the assignments we have carried out below.

Some of our projects

Motor drives to ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics work in a very competitive branch. In order to challenge the competition, from Japanese manufacturers for example, ABB initiated an offensive program for material cost reduction. A part of this program was to optimize one of the most expensive components, the Electrical Control System. For further information about ABB, Robotics see: ABB home page. EK Power Solutions has developed a control system for all of ABB’s large robots. The drive output can continually deliver 20 kW and drive 6 axels simultaneously. Apart from this, EK Power Solutions has developed a separate control system which is adapted for driving a freestanding motor. Such systems are used for example for rotating tables or for driving production lines. One control system, or frequency converter as it is also called, converts the mains voltage to three phase motor outputs. A computer steers and regulates the transistors in every motor output. The control system has short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection to avoid damage or breakdown of external components As part of the assignment, EK Power Solutions has in cooperation with ABB performed extensive verification and reliability testing according to ABB Robotics tough quality assurance requirements. We have even produced prototypes and complete manufacturing specifications for serial production in Asia.

Motor drives to Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco Tools are a world leading supplier of handheld work tools and complete assembly systems for industry. For further information about Atlas Copco industrial Technique see: Atlas Copco home page. Among other things electrical nutrunners have been used in the automotive and general industry since the mid 1980’s. They are known for their unbeaten productivity and reliability in tough environments, as a cornerstone in high-volume production activities around the world. EK Power Solutions has developed motor controls to several models of industrial nutrunners. The motors are brushless permanent magnet motors and several of the controllers have been designed with IGBT modules. As part of the assignment we have produced complete manufacturing specifications for pcb manufacture as well as assisted in the start up of production. We have even performed pcb design on other parts of the system.

Analogue electronics to Cobolt

Cobolt develop, manufacture and deliver lasers in the visible and infra red spectrum. This company offers a broad range of market leading laser products based on a flexible, scalable and robust technical platform. The lasers are designed and manufactured to ensure a high reliability. In the visible spectrum, Cobolt’s lasers consist of blue, green, yellow and orange and are very suitable for use in fluorescence, applicable to the bio-analytical industry. Cobolt are based in Stockholm. For further information see Cobolt home page. EK Power Solutions have developed drive stages and other sensitive analogue electronics for two generations of lasers. In the assignment, besides designing and verifying the electronics, we have even produced prototypes and helped with support to contract manufacturers.

Battery test system for Scania

Scania is investing heavily in hybrid technology to meet future demands for energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly transportation. Hybrid technology will have a critical impact on solving some of the transportation sector’s major challenges. Together with Scania and its Industrial PhD Pontus Svens, we have developed a system for long-term testing of lithium-ion batteries in an on-board vehicle setting. The system is able to emulate the vehicle’s driving cycle and works off the vehicle’s 24V battery. It can cycle lithium-ion batteries at ± 150 A and cell voltages of between 1.5 and 4.2 V. We have also developed system software for control and data storage, and have manufactured and delivered a number of systems suitable for installation on board vehicles. The system is described in the scientific article ”Novel Field Test Equipment for Lithium-Ion Batteries in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Applications” published on MDPI in April 2011. As part of a project to evaluate batteries for heavy hybrid vehicles, Scania was looking for a supplier to develop a test system. EK Power Solutions was able to meet the specifications and the tight time schedule, and took on responsibility for developing both the hardware and the software. In spite of several challenges along the way, EK Power Solutions was able to deliver a product that met Scania’s expectations in full. Elements that made the collaboration so productive included the rapid lines of communication and flexibility, as well as the high quality of the product. The test kit is also an important part of a research project on which both KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology) and Scania are cooperating. Pontus Svens, Industrial Researcher

Electronics development for Tobii Technology

Tobii Technology is an electronics company that develops software and hardware to control computers using eye movements – referred to as “eye tracking”. The technology is primarily used as an assistive device and as a research tool. For more information see: EK Power Solutions has developed power supplies and analogue electronics along with a number of PCB layouts, as well as complete manufacturing documentation. Among other features, the circuit boards employ flex-rigid technology in order to minimize wiring and to optimize the construction method. As part of the assignment, EK Power Solutions also developed prototypes and was responsible for delivery of complete PCAs.

Power and PCB layout to Deltanode

Deltanode was founded in 2005 by a team of Swedish wireless professionals with backgrounds from Ericsson, Allgon, Powerwave and Radiosystem.Deltanode develops cutting-edge systems for mobile network coverage solutions for both voice and data. For further information see: EK Power Solutions has handled all power electronics development, power supplies and all PCB layouts on Deltanode’s behalf since the company’s inception. We also compile all production documentation for PCB and PCA manufacturing.

Problem solving for SJ

During the winter months of 2007/2008, the X2000 trains encountered unusually many problems. The culprit turned out to be a control system error that suddenly manifested in the drive system, with the result that in some cases, the drive units were only able to operate at half power. This in turn led to breakdowns and stoppages, with the on-time performance of the X2000 trains deteriorating dramatically during the period in question. EK Power Solutions was tasked with analysing the faults and with providing a remedy. The problem profile was analysed in close collaboration with SJ and Euromaint, and EK Power Solutions repaired all the control boards in the drive systems. The assignment is discussed in SJ’s film “En natt på SJ:s fordonsdepå” (A night at SJ’s rail yard) (fast forward to 05:50).

Power Supplies to FLIR

Flir Systems AB is a world leader in development of thermal cameras. Thermography is a technique, with the help of a thermal camera, measures surface temperature and produces pictures of an object’s thermal energy. FLIR’s infrared imaging systems are used within preventative maintenance, research, development and automation/OEM. The Thermography division’s head office is situated in Stockholm with development, production and marketing. For further information see: FLIR home page Together with FLIR, EK Power Solutions has developed power supplies for several camera models. We have even designed motor drives for a helicopter based system and power electronics for military applications for FLIR’s Governmental System Division. In these assignments, besides designing and verifying power electronics, and producing sensitive analogue electronics, we have even produced prototypes and taken responsibility for supply of complete PCB assemblies.

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