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We have a great collaboration with EK Power Solutions when it comes to our power solutions. They possess a wealth of expertise and extensive experience, and we have worked with them since 2003. We are now embarking together onto the third-generation platform of the product.

Martin Sigrand, R&D Electronics Development Manager Atlas Copco

We’ve found an outstanding partner for power electronics design in EK Power Solutions. No challenge is too great for them, and their services always provide us with added value

Per Carlsson, R&D Manager Robot Controller Hardware ABB

EK Power Solutions provides us with high-quality power designs and manufacturing documentation, the outcome of which is ultimately product reliability. They serve as a guarantee of good quality, and we highly recommend the company and its capable team!

Henrik Huss, CEO Deltanode Solutions

With its broad expertise in power electronics, EK Power Solutions has been a major asset in Scania’s research into the ageing of battery cells used in heavy hybrid vehicles. Quick decision-making and flexibility have made for a smooth collaboration.

Pontus Svens, Industrial Researcher Scania

SJ hired EK Power Solutions to deal with disruptions in the electronic power converters in our X2000 train sets. They got to the bottom of it and resolved the problem in a fast, efficient manner. Their efforts have been invaluable to SJ, as their remedies led to a return to stable operation for the X2000, allowing us to deliver a good product and good rail service to our customers.

Arvid Fredman, Fleet Manager X2, SJ

We chose EK Power Solutions for their high level of expertise. They are a professional supplier that works in a highly flexible manner.

Fredrik B Norlund, R&D Manager ABB

EK Power Solutions is a highly valued resource when it comes to our work on analogue technologies and designs. We have been buying their services since 2003 due to their broad expertise. Beyond pure problem-solving, they often go the extra mile, sometimes by performing cost-effective investigations or by identifying new possibilities and in so doing, increasing the skill level of our in-house staff. EK Power Solutions possesses extensive and in-depth expertise in these areas. I also appreciate the precision they bring to the task; it is nice to be able to rely on established support in such a rapidly-evolving design environment.

Anneliz Johansson, Director Camera Development FLIR

Faced with the choice of a design partner, ABB evaluated a number of possible suppliers, eventually settling on EK Power Solutions because of their expertise throughout the process chain, from design to verification of finished prototypes. The project has faced many challenges, and together with our own design engineers, EK Power Solutions has been able to solve the issues that have come up. They have certainly lived up to our expectations, both in terms of technical expertise and understanding of the product, not to mention responsiveness.

Jesper Bergsjö, R&D Manager Control System Development, Robotics ABB

We do not have any in-house electronics resources, but we do have a major need for innovative electronic solutions in our business. EK Power Solutions is an outstanding partner to have. They are skilled at identifying new, smart solutions in complex environments. In addition to their high level of expertise, I also appreciate their availability. We have a good relationship. They deliver quality and play an important role in keeping our products at the market’s cutting edge.

Jonas Hellström, CTO Cobolt

TagMaster chose Elektronikkonsult based on their vast experience in power solution design engineering. We’re extremely happy with the results and how quickly we were able to get to both the prototype stage and the finished pilot series.

Johan Franzén, CTO TagMaster

Through our cooperation with EK Power Solutions, we have been helped to solve several electronics related problems, both in electronic circuit boards and in traction electronics. EK Power Solutions has a broad competence, a solid commitment, great flexibility and has expressed a keen interest to know and understand our applications and problems.

Emanuel Fors, Business Unit Manager, Arriva Sweden AB

For many years we have had a very good cooperation with EK Power Solutions. They have helped us with everything from complete power electronics and circuit board layouts to EMC-investigations and troubleshooting. For us, it has also been valuable in an early stage to discuss technical ideas and suggestions. We appreciated EK Power Solutions especially for their high level of expertise, solid experience and great accuracy.

Erik Baker, Group Manager Electronics Design, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique

EK Power Solutions is a company that provides us as an EMS-supplier with high quality manufacturing documentation. Working with EK Power Solutions means that we can minimize the amount of preparation we have to do and instead focus on our production and deliveries. That they are also a company with high ethical standards and very nice employees is just a bonus.

Niklas Lind, CEO, Inission Stockholm

As manufacturers, we appreciate the quality of the documentation provided by EK Power Solutions starting from prototype production. The amount of preparation we need to do in the CAM system is minimal when everything is correct. Keeping the quality and the delivery times at a very high level right from the start makes things a lot easier for us. It also lets us produce prototypes in a very cost-effective manner.

Fredrik Dyfverman, CEO Legotronic & Gelab

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