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Complete lifecycle analysis of electronic components in your BOM

Do you know the life cycle of each component in your electronic design?
Have you designed with components that are no longer manufactured?
Have you experienced that re-designs were needed shortly after product launch due to component issues?
Do you know if your components are subject to export restrictions (ITAR)?
Do you spend a lot of time solving various component-related problems during the product life cycle?

The challenge of the product owner is to be able to manufacture his product for as long as possible without having to change the manufacturing documentation or component selection. However, the reality is that the component life cycle rarely overlaps with the product life cycle and that product maintenance measures are more a rule than exceptions.

An unfortunate component choice at the design stage can lead to extensive re-design measures, risk of re-certification and a significant loss in return (ROI). Last-Time-Buy (LTB) or obsolete components can also cause major delivery problems with reduced revenue as a result.

EK Power Solutions offers a complete life cycle analysis of all the electronic components in your BOM.

The fact that electronics designers design with components that are close to being phased out (Not Recommended for New Design, NRND) or even no longer manufactured (obsolete) is not unusual. This because components are selected from those proven to be good by experience in previous designs or which are, for example, selectable in internal component databases, often without knowledge of where in the life cycle the component is located. Sometimes components that are just being launched (engineering samples) are chosen and can therefore be difficult to obtain in volume in the near future. Contacting every supplier is a time-consuming process and is not always done. Often you have to rely on information given by the component distributor.

In our component service, we can quickly and efficiently deliver a complete compilation of every component in the BOM, all at a fixed cost. The analysis is done with effective tools and contains information directly from the component manufacturers, which ensures the quality of the information.

As a general rule, the compiled risk analysis shows increasing NRND and obsolete problems during the product life cycle:

As a result of our risk analysis, we deliver a complete compilation, component by component, with the manufacturer’s forecast time until the component get obsolete. An example of such an analysis can be found here (link).

For components with high risk of causing problems, we can assist with suggestions for alternative component choices and compile a comparative analysis, parameter by parameter.

In our service we also offer continuous component monitoring so that you always know if something is happening in your particular BOM.

We recommend that the lifecycle analysis is done in conjunction with the product development, but it can also be of great help when re-design of an existing product is planned. Why not take the opportunity to replace high-risk components? We know that a simple component analysis can proactively prevent many problems, free up resources and let the development department focus on new development rather than unplanned product maintenance.

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