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How we work

Our work is conducted based on a well-tested and documented development model.

developmentEvery step in the model is documented with process descriptions and checklists. These checklists are based on extensive experience in terms of what needs to be kept in mind to minimise the risk of unnecessary prototype repetitions, and to obtain a product that will be reliable for the long term. In other words, the job of our internal processes is to ensure that the product and the project are produced on time and at the right level of quality.

At the outset of the project, we develop a detailed requirements specification together with the customer, agreeing on objectives, organisation and project deliverables.

The next phase is to carry out the design work and produce prototypes that we verify both internally and in the customer system.

Once development work is complete, we document the result in a verification report, and then produce complete production documentation.

The work is managed by a project manager.

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Vidar Wernöe

+46 (0)8 446 56 15
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Henrik Sennerö

Development Manager
+46 (0)8 446 56 16
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