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3 maj 2021

EK Power Drives – our new trademark for custom designed motor drives

We have designed high-efficient motor drives with cutting edge technologies since 2003. To further emphasize our strengths in the field of motor drives, we have created EK Power DrivesTM. Our proven custom motor drive solutions are used worldwide and are appreciated for their high quality and reliability.

According to the Swedish Energy Agency, electric motor drive systems are estimated to account for around 65 % of all electricity used in the industry and almost 40 % of Sweden’s total electricity use. It is therefore of great importance that such systems have high efficiency and low losses.

By combining latest advancements in power semiconductor technology (SiC and GaN), PCB design and thermal dissipation, we provide high power drives with minimum footprint. With the high efficiency and limited power losses of our design solutions, we contribute to a better environment.

We see an increased demand for motor drives with special functions/specifications not available in of-the-shelf drives or where a specific shape or form factor is required. In a custom solution the drive can easily be optimized for its motor and application. Another benefit, often used by our customers, is to incorporate other functional needs they may have. At EK Power we can collaborate around the design and implement such functionality (hardware or software) in an easy way.

For EK Power Group and EK Power Solutions, the creation of a new trademark is part of our long term growth strategy.

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