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26 september 2021

Component shortages and PCB-layout

Almost every company using electronic components are currently experience extreme lead times. There are many reasons behind – but the picture below, from IDEA – International Distributors of Electronics Association, illustrate the situation well:

The book to bill ratio (1,73 in Q2-2021) shows that we have come into a crazy situation where the orders are far beyond the billings.The underlying growth is probably around 10%. The shortages causes many problems with delayed deliveries of complete products. The problems are not only valid for semiconductors as stated in the press, but also ordinary resistors and capacitors. It is foreseen that the R & C may become an escalating problem. We therefore recommend that components are sourced already during the design phase.

Many companies are handling the situation by implementing design changes, with components available on the market. In many cases such changes also causes a re-design of the PCB-layout. EK Power Solutions can support you! 

We have five PCB-layout designers working in Cadence/OrCAD, Altium Designer and CADint. 
Currently we have capacity for more layout work. Contact us for more details. Here you can read more about our layout service.

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