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2 maj 2022

Welcome to the power electronic workshop – SCAPE 2022 in Stockholm May 16-17.

EK Power Solutions hereby invite you to an international workshop on power electronics and Wide Band Gap technology (WBG). The two day workshop focus on the latest developments in WBG-devices, power modules, …Läs vidare »

1 maj 2022

Meet us at the Evertiq conference in Malmö, May 4.

The Evertiq Expo in Malmö is a one day event for you who work within design and purchasing of electronics. The Expo is free of charge and has a full day …Läs vidare »

8 mars 2022

Our efforts 2021 towards a sustainable future

We have now summarized 2021 and how our projects and assignments contributes to UN:s sustainable development goals – the Agenda 2030. In 2021 we did assignments to 38 different customers …Läs vidare »

7 mars 2022

We have set a new long-term vision!

Our vision is to develop electrification solutions that contribute to a greener world We shall be the leading design house for power electronics and electric motor control in the Nordic …Läs vidare »

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